We charge an initial consultation fee of $400 for Estate Planning and $700 for Long-term Care Planning. Initial consultations generally last one to two hours, and will include consideration and legal advice once the attorney learns more about your specific circumstances.

If additional legal services beyond the consultation are recommended, a fee for those services will be quoted at the end of the consultation.    We cannot quote those fees in advance, because we do not know enough about your particular circumstances and needs. Our fees are based on our assessment of your legal needs, and our assessment of the time and expertise necessary to address those needs. Sometimes the recommendation is more complex than the client anticipated, sometimes the recommendation is simpler, and sometimes there is more than one way to accomplish the client’s goals and we can offer alternatives.

Whenever possible, we will quote a flat fee for the proposed services. We can do that for matters that are predictable in both the time and services that will be necessary, once we understand your particular needs and circumstances. If there are other parties involved or the issues are complex, it is generally not possible to predict in advance the time and services that will be necessary. In those cases, we will give you our best estimate of the total cost based on the knowledge that we have at the time, and you will be asked to make a deposit in that amount. We will then bill for the actual time involved.

Abraham Lincoln once said: “A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade.” Our mission is to provide individualized advice and services; we do not sell products.